Capturing real smiles, real moments, and real memories

from my clients

Thank you Catherine! I truly feel lost for words anymore on how to thank you for all that you have done for us……my gratitude for these memories goes so much further than a simple thank you! And the blog with the pic of our daughter’s first photo shoot is evidence that these photos are priceless! The growth is just amazing…  Thank you!

Becky H {Babies, Kids, and Family Photo Shoots}

Catherine… …u r an amazing photographer…my family loves working with you…actually it’s not really work…more like play!

Kerrie V {kids and family photo shoots}

wanted to give you a (late) heads up that I referred a friend to you.  She was just diagnosed in January with cancer, and her husband has been battling cancer for the past couple years now.  When I spoke with her last week I told her to get a family picture and I strongly suggested she call you.  Catherine you were the best during a very difficult time when we rushed to get our pictures in before Steve’s transplant.   And I want you to know how very important those pictures were and are to us.  I told my friend how the family picture and the ones of the kids, traveled to and from the hospital with us for months and beautifully embodied to Steve every time he looked at them why he was going through this.  People still talk about how great that family picture was 2 years later because we sent it out as our holiday card.  I hope she calls you or has called you already.  If she does contact you, the photo shoot will be as magical, meaningful and beautiful as it was for our family in your hands.  Even through the rain drops we had, you captured a beauty, a peace, and a love I truly know we could have only gotten from you and for that thank you, thank you, thank you.  You are a true artist.  You are the best and many blessing to you and your

Laura B {family photo shoot}

I hope it brightens your day to hear that you are a FANTASTIC photographer… I’m thankful we have found you as a photographer to help us cherish our families growth! AND I must say since finding you I feel sorry for Eva because her baby pictures are from {a chain studio}. Nothing against them, but there is NO COMPARISON in quality and experience as with Bosley Creative!

Becky H {newborn, kids, family photo shoots}

I can’t THANK YOU enough!!!  Our pictures are amazing.  They brought tears to my eyes!!!  You have such a talent!!!  We are lucky to have met you!!  I can’t wait to look at them again.”

Amy D. {Family & Kids Photo Shoot}

“Oh my gosh I LOVE THEM!!!! I was in bed and saw my light blinking on my phone and checked the email and flew out of bed to look at them! Catherine you did an awesome job!!! They are precious! I am going to have a hard time choosing! Thanks so much for doing that for us! I will be ordering over the weekend! LOVE THEM!!! Thank you!!”
Katie R. {Kids & Family Photo Shoot}

“Thank you so much for getting those online. They turned out so good I don’t know how I will ever choose. Thanks again.”
Ashlee B. {Baby & Family Photo Shoot}

“Thank you, Catherine! These are beautiful! You are so talented and we loved having you out!”
Kellie B. {Family Photo Shoot}

“Wow, I really can’t think of any other words.  The pictures are amazing.  Thank you so much!!!”
Joanna S. {Kids Photo Shoot}

“I am so, so, SO happy that I got the opportunity to meet such an awesome photographer, wife, and mother! 🙂 We will be getting back to you on what we want to purchase! Seriously, thank you so much!!”
Jacqueline C. {Senior Photo Shoot}

“Thank you SO much Catherine! I love all my pictures!”
Anna H. {Senior Photo Shoot}

“Thank you so much Catherine!  I don’t know how we are going to decide which ones to get.  They are all so amazing.  You really exceeded our expectations.” Thank you for making this so special for us!”
Shannon D. {Baby & Family Photo Shoot}

“Thank you so much! I SO SO SO love them! I already went to Hobby Lobby and had them frame and mat the big one for Ryan and framed the 8 x 10 for his dad. I can’t wait for him to open it! Thank you so much! Our three little pea pods will NEVER be this small again…so this is one picture I plan on having in a frame forever! With most of the others I trade them out for the newest one…but this one is for keeps! Thanks again!”
Martha D. {Kids Photo Shoot}

“Catherine! We love the pics so much!!! Thank you, thank you!!! So glad Beck turned us on to your first year club!!!!”
Erin K. {Baby Photo Shoot and First Year Club}

Rachael P. {Baby Photo Shoot}

“Oh my gosh Catherine!! I love them so much!! Thank you:]”
Brianna W. {Senior Photo Shoot}

“The pictures are amazing.  I laughed out loud several times.  Thank you so much for such great memories!”
Karen M. {Baby Photo Shoot}

“They are so wonderful.  He was being such a stubborn boy and he has such a charm about it that you captured all of it.  I actually teared up!  I also wanted to get photos before he started losing his teeth and he lost his first tooth last Wednesday so the timing was perfect.  Thank you, Catherine.”
Marina G. {Kids Mini Photo Shoot}

“AWWW! Love love love them! I can’t believe it only took 20 minutes and look at all those good ones! Thanks so much Catherine!”
Megan R. {Kids Mini Photo Shoot}

“Oh my gosh; they are awesome!!!!!!  I can’t even describe how much I LOVE them!  Thank you so much for getting them done.”
Rhonda H. {Kids Photo Shoot}

“OMG! Those are so cute! Now your just teasing me! I love them! Those pictures are so them! I just wish I would of bought them good shoes!”
Jessica S. {Kids Photo Shoot}

“Thank you so much. We love them and we appreciate your work on the whole project. I noticed that you spent a lot of time touching up the pictures. All of you detail work makes them so great.”
Kristin S. {Kids & Family Photo Shoot}

“I want to add my appreciation for your help in doing the team photographs in prior years. You have made a significant contribution to the healing of participants by providing a picture of them gathered as a group on the day that they walked in memory of their loved one, walked to bring awareness and walked to prevent suicide. Because of your photos they have a reminder of the hope that this walk brings. We will never be able to properly thank you until the english language incurs a drastic magical change, but through your photos you have said thank you to everyone who formed a team and walked. We try to do that, but understandably it doesn’t happen as perfectly as one of your photos. Hey, it is true that “A picture is worth a thousand words”. You prove it. Thanks Catherine. Look forward to working with you again.
Frank B. {OOTD walk – Event Photography}


One response

  1. Janelle Sanchez

    Catherine our dear, our hearts are so touched by the love you captured during this special day of our family all together and the memories of these will last a lifetime. Papa Ken & Janelle

    October 31, 2011 at 3:58 am

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