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Oh how I do love me a feisty little red head. And no – this time I am not talking about either of my daughters. Meet Rian. She is PRECIOUS!!!! She is such a beautiful little baby girl, with thighs cheeks and hands that I could squeeze all day long, and an awesome sassy little personality to go with it – all wrapped up into one sweet 9 month old. Could my job be any more amazing?!! I melted when I was working on these pictures…


The Herber Fam!

It’s been twins week over at the studio!! We have had 2 families with twins come in for family pics and we did a senior photo shoot the other day with a guy who is a twin!

If you are a regular around Bosley Creative you probably recognize this family. They are so much fun to work with and we have been working with Miss Eva (aka my little assistant and creator of big baby smiles) since she was little.

Now we have the extreme pleasure of getting to also know her little brothers (oh and her parents are awesome – they pretty much all rock).  Aren’t they just the most precious little fam?!


The Turner’s were the winners from our mini shoot giveaway a couple months ago. We met Missy a while back (she was the realtor with our builder when we built our house, she isn’t attached to a builder anymore so if you need an agent – check her out, I’ve heard great things about how great she is to work with and we loved her!! And she also happened to be the SIL of a friend of ours.) so we were so excited to catch up with her and her gorgeous family for this shoot! Her little ones were so fun and kept me laughing the entire time. Thanks so much for coming to the studio – we hope you love these pictures!!

Our BIG news… :)

Are you guys ready for… our BIG news?!

Here it is… We have a new studio space!! A really great and wonderful natural light indoor studio location in West Omaha!!

As much as we loved our spot downtown – it wasn’t ideal for a few different reasons. We really like the owner of the building and there is a chance if need be that we would still possibly shoot there again – but we were really seeking out something that was better for our needs, closer, more available, and more conveinent for our clients. And thanks to a photog friend of mine – we found it!! {Huge shout out inserted here to Kathy Byers for being so sweet to share this great little secret with me!}

Where is it you ask??  The new studio is on 132nd and L Street – in the School of Rock building. You know that amazing old building with huge grated windows allowing loads of natural light in (do you all hear the angels singing too?!) – yeah – that is the one!! Within this space – there are lots of different rooms we are going to be using to shoot in – allowing for more looks and chances to do different things.

Seriously - I am in love with these windows.

You are wondering if it’s just mine? Glad you asked! It is actually a photographer co-op (which means that a number of different photographers all rent out space here), which I will be honest – I wasn’t sure about at first. But just in the past few weeks of working with them and getting to slowly meet the other photographers in there – I feel like that might be one of the best parts. I adore my job – but because 80% of what I do is behind the scenes – and not actually shooting – it can get a tad lonely sitting in my little office all by myself! It’s been great to have this sense of community around me, people sharing in my same profession that I can talk with about it!

How often will we be shooting there? A lot!! Basically I will still do a lot of outdoor shoots when we can – but we will be shooting in the studio plenty as well. Which we are really excited about adding that option in for everyone.

So… what’s the studio look like?  I took my little monkeys in there to check it out, and to “practice” on them.  Here are just a few shots (okay – more than just a few).  Isn’t it fabulous?!!! What I really love is that there are so many different looks we can get all in one space. The pics below I shot in just 2 different rooms but there are so many different things going on. It’s really great – I know you guys are going to love it!!

Okay – to celebrate – not only the new studio but the fact that you made it all through this enormously long and wordy post… We are going to go ahead and give a $30 print credit to anyone who books a shoot for March or April by the end of February! Seriously?! How can you not?!  You get to check out the new place, get a photo shoot AND get free pictures? Go ahead… book it!

Love to you all for the support you have given me these past 5 years.  I feel so blessed when I sit back and realize how lucky I am and I haven’t forgotten for a second that without the amazing clients I have I wouldn’t have this career that I adore so much. So THANK YOU a million times over.