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Oh how I do love me a feisty little red head. And no – this time I am not talking about either of my daughters. Meet Rian. She is PRECIOUS!!!! She is such a beautiful little baby girl, with thighs cheeks and hands that I could squeeze all day long, and an awesome sassy little personality to go with it – all wrapped up into one sweet 9 month old. Could my job be any more amazing?!! I melted when I was working on these pictures…


The Herber Fam!

It’s been twins week over at the studio!! We have had 2 families with twins come in for family pics and we did a senior photo shoot the other day with a guy who is a twin!

If you are a regular around Bosley Creative you probably recognize this family. They are so much fun to work with and we have been working with Miss Eva (aka my little assistant and creator of big baby smiles) since she was little.

Now we have the extreme pleasure of getting to also know her little brothers (oh and her parents are awesome – they pretty much all rock).  Aren’t they just the most precious little fam?!


The Turner’s were the winners from our mini shoot giveaway a couple months ago. We met Missy a while back (she was the realtor with our builder when we built our house, she isn’t attached to a builder anymore so if you need an agent – check her out, I’ve heard great things about how great she is to work with and we loved her!! And she also happened to be the SIL of a friend of ours.) so we were so excited to catch up with her and her gorgeous family for this shoot! Her little ones were so fun and kept me laughing the entire time. Thanks so much for coming to the studio – we hope you love these pictures!!

Lulu sporting her HM outfit…

As I’ve mentioned before “Luella” loves Gwen Stefani’s new line for babies at Target called Harajuku Mini. I love how different the clothes are. Here she is rockin’ one of her HM outfits for her 8 month photo shoot.

What’s that? You think they should hire me to do their photo shoots for their clothes? I know. Me too. 🙂

Bath Time + Mini Shoots = A Lifetime of Cherished Memories

Taking advantage of our mini shoots is a great way to capture those incredibly special moments with your little ones. I LOVE bath time with my 7 month old. I love watching her splash in the bath and giggle, I love her big eyes looking up at me, I love her face when the water splashes her eyes and runs down her face. I love the snuggly “naked baby” time afterwards when she’s wrapped up in her towel and I love how sweet she smells with her baby lotion on and snuggly jammies. It is one of my favorite things as a mommy.

What are your favorite moments? What do you cherish and wish you could hang onto forever?? Set up a mini shoot with me to capture that special time. We all know how quickly time passes and those moments are gone in the blink of an eye.

Just as a reminder – mini shoots are $150 for up to 20 minutes and you get the rights to all the edited digital images we put in your online album that print up to a 5×7.

I should warn… sometimes these precious pictures come at the cost of eventual tears. 🙂

Still cute – but daddy wasn’t too happy.

Meet Charlie



Just a couple pics of our 3 month old!! See more at their blog at


Cole is always such a perfect, happy baby for his shoots.  And who wouldn’t love that dark hair and those eyes!!  I’ve had so much fun getting to know him these past 6 months.


I absolutely adore little Miss Elza – she has the sweetest personality and is always an angel for her photo shoots. This past year has gone by so fast – I can’t believe she just turned 1!