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Happy 3rd Birthday Drake!!

Celebrating a third birthday is such an exciting time!  If you’re like me you probably have thoughts of how fast time has gone, you are busy planning a party, deciding on a cake, picking up balloons and choosing the perfect gift. But for most of us – while it is a happy time – we probably take for granted that our little one is turning three. Because we have never even considered the thought that they wouldn’t.

My buddy Drake turned three years old today. He celebrated with an awesome fireman truck cake made by his mommy, and I am sure his smile beamed from ear to ear with his family all around him. But they are definitely not taking for granted his 3rd birthday. Because in their world – they can’t take a single day for granted, celebrating his 3rd birthday wasn’t a give-in. There were times they weren’t sure they would get to have this party. Drake was diagnosed a little less than a year ago with ALL (acute lymphocytic leukemia).  So now, their days are spent in and out of the hospital, hoping for good health and good counts so they can do treatment, and playing with tractors, firetrucks, “apps”, and bubbles while Drake fights the cancer that is attacking his little body.

Help us cheer Drake on and wish him a happy birthday by donating to Cure Search to help fund research so that the number of 3 years olds that don’t get to celebrate their birthday  goes down. Please donate – these kids and families NEED this research done. They need to know there is a treatment to make their child healthy again.  Your donation can save lives.


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