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Our BIG news… :)

Are you guys ready for… our BIG news?!

Here it is… We have a new studio space!! A really great and wonderful natural light indoor studio location in West Omaha!!

As much as we loved our spot downtown – it wasn’t ideal for a few different reasons. We really like the owner of the building and there is a chance if need be that we would still possibly shoot there again – but we were really seeking out something that was better for our needs, closer, more available, and more conveinent for our clients. And thanks to a photog friend of mine – we found it!! {Huge shout out inserted here to Kathy Byers for being so sweet to share this great little secret with me!}

Where is it you ask??  The new studio is on 132nd and L Street – in the School of Rock building. You know that amazing old building with huge grated windows allowing loads of natural light in (do you all hear the angels singing too?!) – yeah – that is the one!! Within this space – there are lots of different rooms we are going to be using to shoot in – allowing for more looks and chances to do different things.

Seriously - I am in love with these windows.

You are wondering if it’s just mine? Glad you asked! It is actually a photographer co-op (which means that a number of different photographers all rent out space here), which I will be honest – I wasn’t sure about at first. But just in the past few weeks of working with them and getting to slowly meet the other photographers in there – I feel like that might be one of the best parts. I adore my job – but because 80% of what I do is behind the scenes – and not actually shooting – it can get a tad lonely sitting in my little office all by myself! It’s been great to have this sense of community around me, people sharing in my same profession that I can talk with about it!

How often will we be shooting there? A lot!! Basically I will still do a lot of outdoor shoots when we can – but we will be shooting in the studio plenty as well. Which we are really excited about adding that option in for everyone.

So… what’s the studio look like?  I took my little monkeys in there to check it out, and to “practice” on them.  Here are just a few shots (okay – more than just a few).  Isn’t it fabulous?!!! What I really love is that there are so many different looks we can get all in one space. The pics below I shot in just 2 different rooms but there are so many different things going on. It’s really great – I know you guys are going to love it!!

Okay – to celebrate – not only the new studio but the fact that you made it all through this enormously long and wordy post… We are going to go ahead and give a $30 print credit to anyone who books a shoot for March or April by the end of February! Seriously?! How can you not?!  You get to check out the new place, get a photo shoot AND get free pictures? Go ahead… book it!

Love to you all for the support you have given me these past 5 years.  I feel so blessed when I sit back and realize how lucky I am and I haven’t forgotten for a second that without the amazing clients I have I wouldn’t have this career that I adore so much. So THANK YOU a million times over.


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  1. Congrats on the new studio! And, me-oh-my his bow tie and green shoes are awesome. I’m pretty sure Christopher would rock that outfit.

    February 23, 2012 at 8:19 pm

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