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Why we don’t discount…

Every now and then we have what could be potential clients ask us to discount our pricing for them, or give them a special deal. Here’s just a few reasons why we have to say no.

#1 – It’s not fair to our clients that pay full price. Imagine how you would feel if you supported a small business and paid them full price every time you used them, probably even sent referrals to them, and then found out someone else, who is a brand new client, is paying less than you for the same service! You would be irritated to say the least. We would never want to do that to our supportive clients.

#2 – If I walked up to you and asked you to give me $100 cash out of your paycheck, would you do it? Probably not. It’s essentially what is being asked of us though. Photography isn’t just a hobby for me, it isn’t just a silly little thing I do on the side for fun. This IS my job. It’s how we pay our bills and feed our family of six. So asking me to discount my services is like taking money right out of my paycheck.

#3 – It sends the wrong message. We know our prices are higher than Sears. We’d like to think though that our pictures are better, and the experience isn’t even comparable. We consider ourselves a photography boutique. Our clients are willing to pay a little more for the quality of images, the way we shoot, and the experience they have. We don’t want to compromise that – so we also don’t compromise our pricing.

As personal of a business as photography is – it’s easy for the line to get blurred. Our clients become friends, and our friends become clients. Please understand that us charging you isn’t saying that we don’t appreciate the role you play in our lives, but more or less that we love this business and career so much that we want to make sure that we can do it forever.


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