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Builder guys

My poor dad has had a “to do” list a mile long from me with everything I have wanted to get done before the baby comes. He has been over nearly every day or night this past week doing things for us! The second he walked in the door yesterday Jax ran upstairs – got on Jeans like Boppa, got his tool box and filled it full of his tools and came down to help fix things. He calls himself and Boppa – builder guys. It’s about the cutest thing ever.

The not quite so cute part was when he was upstairs helping Boppa – he apparently got into the laundry room where we keep everything and got out spackle and a putty knife and decided to patch all the non existent holes in the hallway that I just painted. Then when he got some on the floor he went and got a bath towel and shampoo and used that to “clean” the carpet. Sometimes his helpfulness and independence is exhausting.


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