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Happy March Madness

Today is a double holiday in the Bosley House. Not only is it St. Patty’s Day {which Madison couldn’t be more excited about} but it’s the kickoff of March Madness. Every year we fill out our brackets, Matt and I take the 1st Thursday off and spend the entire day watching the games and I make basketball cookies for Kobe’s class. I absolutely love the next two weeks!  So good luck on your brackets, go Spartans, and Happy St. Patricks Day!!

This year I coated Oreo cookies in almond bark and then either added orange sprinkles or orange frosting, then just used green gel frosting to turn them into basketballs.

I have to leave the house by 6:30 am on Thursday mornings for a meeting so I set out a little breakfast surprise for the kids.  The banner was super easy to make and the printables can be found here. I pulled the printables from here for the spoons.


These are the basketball cookie/cupcakes I have made in the past for Kobe and his class.  To make them you just bake up some sugar cookies and an equal amount of white mini cupcakes.  Frost the top 3/4 of the cookies and the mini cupcakes with white frosting. Then just outline with orange gel frosting the “backboard and rim”.


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