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A whole lotta new!!

We have an exciting day today – we are going to be changing over our website to point directly here at the blog so that you will come here for all your info, we just announced our Baby Bosley news, we have some new product announcements, one other announcement about the studio (see below!), and oh yeah – we are launching phase 1 of our other business – Care Hound.  (go check it out please!!)

So!  Let us explain our new products first – the idea is to simplify your life this year through holiday season.

Mini Shoots – a few of you have taken advantage of these shoots and they are awesome.  It is a 20 minute shoot on location and you get all the rights to the edited images.  This is perfect for scrapbookers, families that give pictures as Christmas gifts, if you like to make your own holiday cards, or if you just want to make sure that you get to keep all the images.  The fun part is that we get a lot of candid shots that you may not necessarily want to hang on the wall – but that you don’t want to let go of either.  Here is what one mom said about her mini shoot:

Thank you SO much!  I love them and can’t stop looking at them : )  I can definitely pick out the ones that may have caused you to laugh out loud…he definitely isn’t afraid of showing the world how he is feeling… Thanks again so very much…I am so excited to print them out and use some that display his true personality on his birthday invitations.  So fun.”

The other option that we have this year for holiday cards is to buy an individual image for $20 so that you can use it to make your own.  This allows you to either create your own cards, or to use a site like,,  or  This is also available for birth announcements or invitations as well.

Last but definitely not least – we have an announcement to make about the studio.  We have decided to take the leap and close the studio down and turn our focus to on location shoots only. It has been something I have been wanting to do for a while now and so this is an exciting change for us.  Our strengths and talents really lie in natural light photography and it’s what I love so in order for me to feel that I am giving every client my very best – this is what I have felt I need to do.  If you do have a shoot scheduled that you were planning on using the studio for please email me and we can discuss – otherwise all shoots going forward will be on location!  Thanks for your support as we make this change!

As always – let me know if you have any questions or hop onto our online calendar to book an appointment!


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