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Sunday Funday

I took the babies down to the Omaha Summer Arts Festival today. (Kobe of course had a better offer from his buddies so he ditched us)  We had so much fun – we walked around to check out the art booths – there seemed to be quite a bit of new artists there this year.  My favorite two were these wood turning artists.  The first booth we saw was by Kurt and Melody Bellock – check out their work at  While the pictures don’t even do them justice – their bowls were amazing.  Something I absolutely hope to have in my home someday.  And they were super kind to Jackson and Madison which always makes me happy. 🙂 The other vendor I loved was Tom Larson – – who had some gorgeous wooden bowls as well.

We obviously spent most of our time in the kids area – making bead bracelets, painting pictures and having their faces painted.

Adorable - right? Jackson actually makes a pretty good horse.

Muah! I love you two!

After all that we went over to my old stompin’ grounds at ConAgra where I was flooded with memories walking around the campus.  – While I don’t miss the corporate life or the going into the office on the weekends, I do miss the gorgeous campus downtown and going running in the summers on my lunch break.  And even more – the happy hours spent on the patio with all the fabulous guys I used to work with.-

M & J fed the ducks (some passerby-er was so kind as to give my kids bread to feed them – seriously – I love Omaha – people are so nice for no reason here!), they ran around for a while and then we jumped in the car and headed to eCreamery for ice cream!  (these pics are from my phone so they aren’t the best quality – but too cute not to share!)

The day was fantastic and I loved spending some fun time with my babes!


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