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My princess

My little Madison has turned into quite the little princess and girly – girl.  The funny part about it all is that I never was like this – I’ve never owned a Barbie, my favorite color has always been black – (My dad made me a black birthday cake when I was 8), and my first job was as the owner of “Jackson’s fix it shop” when I was 6 – unlike Madison who wanted to dress up as a “dance recital girl” for career day.  She now chooses her own outfits, always has to have a dress on, and tells me how she wants her hair done every day.  And I love every minute of it.  She is doing a “fairytales and frogs” camp this week and she gets to dress like a princess and hang with 20 other princess’ every morning!

Today I snapped this picture of her during nap – she is actually wearing a sleep mask – while sleeping on her princess pillow and wearing her swimsuit.  And if you notice in the background her lamby is sleeping with his head on the pillow too.  These kids just melt my heart sometimes.


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