Capturing real smiles, real moments, and real memories

A scene with the Bosley Babies.


Mom – beautiful woman- wearing designer jeans and tank top, extremely fit, tan and with perfect makeup and hair (it’s my story – leave it alone).

Jackson – 2 year old boy

Madison – 3 year old girl

Enter: Jackson spills Nerds all over the floor.

Mom: “Jackson pick those up.”

Jack – half attempts to pick up one. “Sissy – can you pick those up for me”

Sissy – “no Jack – you made the mess you clean it up”

Jack – “I can’t you’re my big sister – I’m just a little boy”

Sissy – “Well you made the mess – you shouldn’t make a mess next time.”

End of scene.  Or at least the end of me documenting the scene.

I had to race over to my laptop to document this “scene”.  It was so funny and such an accurate illustration of them and their birth orders.  Madison is such a bossy mommy and Jackson totally plays the baby card and has the entire world waiting on him.  Funny kids – always keep me laughing.


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