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Get Fit (by Nick Ryan)

Lose 30lbs in 30days!

6 pack Abs in 6 Weeks!

Get a Better Body in 2 Days!

BLAST FAT ALL OVER 30 minutes to lean!

WOW! Where do I sign up?

These are a few examples of headlines I saw while waiting in the checkout line today.  It always sounds so easy.  All you have to do is this one exercise or don’t eat a certain food or only eat one food group.  The “magic pill” really does exist.  Right?

You know the answer to this one.  NO

If there was a “magic pill” for weight loss that worked you would not have to wait to read about it in a magazine everyone would be using it.

Since there in no “magic pill” you are going to need three things to change your life:

1. Pen

2. Calendar

3. Notebook

Okay here is what you have to do with these three items.  First hang up your calendar by your bathroom door or an area you will see it everyday. Don’t put it in a drawer you need to see the entire month every day.  Now every Sunday take your pen, don’t us a pencil, and mark down times on at least 3 days this next week for you to workout for 30-60 minutes.  Don’t use your PDA because you can easily change or delete the appointment.

After you get a workout in put an X through the time.  This verifies you getting the workout in and if you don’t get the workout in you are reminded all month long.

In the notebook record everything you eat.  This must be recorded on the day that you eat it. Try this for at least one week and I guarantee you will eat better.  Also record what you do for each workout to track your progression.

This will address the main issues I see on a daily basis making time in your busy schedule to exercise and an accountability system built in.

If you are unable to hold you self accountable to exercise doing this find someone to help you.  Friend, Spouse, Neighbor, Brother, Sister…

If you are unable to find some to help you hire a personal trainer they will do this for you.

Thank you to Nick Ryan, owner of Fitness Together, who was our very first guest blogger.  Nick is a fitness enthusiast that has a deep passion for helping client’s reach their goals. He received his degree in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Before opening a Fitness Together he was a strength and conditioning coach for the University of Illinois for 3 years.


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