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A little change for BC…

For a while now I have debated about whether or not to keep doing shoots in my studio or to turn the business completely over to on location and outdoors only.  I like the idea of that in theory – but when there is a snow storm that continues for 4 months it’s not always practical and when babies are babies the studio really works well.  The issue I have is that our studio is small and to shoot larger families (or larger people – some how every guy that walks through my door seems to be over 6′ 5″) – I just never really seem to get the desired results.  So here it is – the big change…

We are now limiting studio shoots to babies and children – and groups of 3 or less.

We want to be able to provide you with the same quality photo shoot indoors as we would outdoors and I feel that this is the best option for everyone.  If you have any questions about it – feel free to contact me via email to discuss!! Thank you all for your support as we grow and learn how to capture your priceless memories and milestones in the very best way.


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