Capturing real smiles, real moments, and real memories

Our holiday break

The holidays this year were wonderful – and of course they went by entirely too fast.  I am absolutely in love with the ages of the kids right now and all the phases they are going through and am so grateful for our family and everything and everyone that we have been blessed with.

So the thing I love most about my husband is how much he makes me laugh with his weird sense of humor.  I have this habit of putting soda’s in the freezer to get them cold faster – but then I forget they are in there and when Matt finds and takes them out of the freezer they explode all over him.  So this happened the other day and this is the note that was posted on my freezer.  Funny guy – made me  laugh.  🙂

Maddie with her girls after our church's Christmas program


Maddie and I got to have a girls day - we went out to paint pottery and then to see the Princess and the Frog. Truly one of my best days ever!


Knowing that the snow was coming Nana and Boppa came to stay with us on Christmas Eve - so they got to be here for the annual Christmas Eve Pajamas and leaving Santa cookies.


Christmas Day was wonderful this year all snowed in!


Always a great time at Aunt Karen's!


The Party bus with the Hodges/Hauptmans to look at lights!


My day with Jax was spent at Build a Bear making his teddy, and then off to Elmo. Jackson did not understand why he couldn't go on stage to "dance with Elmo".


After days of being home because of the cold and the snow - we started getting creative. Last night we made capes for the kids and their animals. Jackson called himself Super Boy all night and flew around the house - absolutely adorable!


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