Capturing real smiles, real moments, and real memories


Over the holiday break I had some time to enjoy a few of my favorite things…

Woodwick Candles – these are hands down the best candles out there – Vanilla Bean – my personal favorite.  The wick is actually made of wood and crackles like a fire!  Not to mention they smell amazing and last forever.

Lonesome Bull Salsa – this salsa is constantly on hand at my mom’s, at our house for every football game, and I think coupled with Special K cereal I could pretty much live off these two things.  Now it is only sold at Rick’s Meats in Elkhorn off Hwy 31 – but it is well worth it – but Rick’s has the very best meat in town – so make the trip!


Redbox – Honestly I love Redbox – I don’t know what I did before it came along.  It’s a genius idea – it is perfect for people like me – who last minute want to grab a cheap ($1 per movie per night) movie without having to go into a movie store and have a membership.  I even stopped there tonight and picked up a couple movies which I swear I am returning tomorrow. 🙂  (I have yet to ever return these the next day – so my cheap movies always end up being pretty costly)

I hope you all enjoyed ringing in 2010.  I will be playing catch up over the month of January with tons and tons of pictures from our trip, our holidays, and clients pictures from the past few months.



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