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FOMFT #5 – Pawsitively Treasured


I just took our dog Jake into get groomed today – generally I dread this.  He’s big, he’s crazy and I always get dirty looks from the people at the vets office.  So today he had his first trip to the new Pawsitively Treasured.  One word AMAZING!!!  They were so nice – Jake got to run around and play – and when I picked him up – he looked SO gorgeous!! His fur is as soft as when he was a puppy, he is so fluffy and shiny and he was so happy!!  Truly I can’t even tell you how happy I was with them and the quality of service they provide at a lower cost than anywhere I have been.  If you don’t try out Pawsitively Treasured you are missing out!!  Call them at  515-0549 – or stop in to talk to them on the SouthWest corner of 180th and Q.

Oh and they also have a retail side with everything from luxury pet beds, to collars, to treats, to natural products to help keep your dog from turning the grass yellow.



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