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S, B, & T

I got to take these guys out all on my own the other night.  I LOVE when I get to do this because the kids and I just get to go have fun and do our own thing – and the kids are always awesome for me!  These guys had me cracking up the entire night!  I LOVE their pictures and how they came out.  Jess – here is just a little sneak peek to hold you off and to hopefully stop the harrassment when I pick up kids from school. 🙂 


Yes – it’s another boardwalk strip!  This one is a 10×30 and these types of pictures are perfect for the strips. 


I LOVE this one – it’s too funny…


Yep – this was the boy’s idea… 🙂







One response

  1. jessica

    I love these pictures! Thanks so much you did an awesome job! I am so excited to get them on my walls!!!!!!!!!!!!

    September 9, 2009 at 7:47 am

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