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av3I met up with Audrey the other day downtown.  I met her dad through some networking that I do.  He’s a great guy (reminds me of my dad!) – and if you ever need a home inspection done – give this guy a shout.  He takes a great deal of pride in what he does!!

Back to Audrey – she was one of those natural beauties – no makeup, super laid back, just perfect gorgeous coloring.  The funniest part of the entire shoot – we had gone to their house b.c they have some land and some great photo opps.  They also have chickens, ducks, roosters, horses, dogs, cats… you name it.  We were going into the backyard and she stops and looks at me and goes “ok – the goose might put his head down like he is going to charge you – but don’t worry – he won’t actually charge you.”   HAHAHA – I just about died laughing. I’ve never had to have that conversation on a shoot before!  Thanks Audrey for being so great to work with!!


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