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Evie Jayne

Last week I got to do a really special maternity shoot.  There are 2 parts of this story that I want to share.

I met with Lindsey and her husband John and their 2 year old Lyla the other day for a maternity shoot.  Lindsey shows up and is absolutely gorgeous – and 30 weeks along!  We had such a great time on the shoot – they were wonderful – Lyla was wonderful and the shoot went perfectly.   Their faith is incredible and it just radiates from them. I felt so blessed to have met them.

The 2nd part of this story – why it was such an incredibly special shoot was because it was a NILMDTS shoot.  Lindsey had contacted me a few weeks ago because they had found out at 20 weeks that their baby had Osteogenesis Imperfecta Type 2.  Most likely they will lose their little girl minutes or hours after birth.  The time they have with Evie is now – while she is pregnant – it is the time they get to spend as a family and the time Lindsey gets to feel her move and carry her.  I felt like it was incredibly important that they had a photo shoot during this time.  We will also do another after Evie is born and Lindsey has been kind enough to let me share her story and her pictures with everyone.  I hope this gives you a little better glimpse as to what NILMDTS is – and how it can be so healing to so many families.  

The Elsasser Family

The Elsasser Family


Loving her baby sister

Loving her baby sister

Sweet Lyla

Sweet Lyla






2 responses

  1. Jessica

    These pictures are beautiful!!!! God bless you all x x

    March 28, 2010 at 5:39 am

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