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Diapers please!!!!

We have some friends whose nephew, Max, was born March 3rd with hip dysplasia. more simply put, his hips did not form into the sockets. He had surgery the other day at Children’s hospital. The doctors were only able to get his left hip into the joint. He is in a full body cast from his ankles to his chest. In 4 weeks, the doctors will attempt to get the right hip into place. Max will be in this body cast for at least 3 months. The diaper situation is quite difficult and requires several diapers at once. Newborn
diapers are tucked in under the cast and a size 5 diaper is wrapped around the cast. If you or anyone you know of has
left over diapers in newborn or size 5, it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you could grab an extra pack at the store next time you are there to help this family out they would really really appreciate it! Thank you – please contact me at and I can pick them up from you!


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