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So incredibly blessed…

I had an incredible mother’s day today with my family and just looking back through these pictures makes me realize how truly blessed I really am. I will let the pictures explain why…

For those of you know my mom – you know what an incredible and amazing person she is – but for those of you who don’t – I have to give her a little shout out for Mother’s Day. She is there for us for everything, anytime we need her and is by far the biggest supporter of me and my business and my family. We would be completely lost with out her and she doesn’t get near the recognition she deserves. So Happy Mother’s Day mom – you are the best we could ever ask for!!

Okay these pictures say so much more than I ever could – but none the less I will try. I will honestly cherish these forever. Madison generally does our prayers for us every night at dinner. They are pretty funny because she goes on and on about what she is thankful for such as toys, her nana, going to the park, dinosaurs, her new panties (and yes – that is no joke) but equally as adorable is watching Jackson pray -is there anything sweeter than this? And I love the last one – he is totally peeking.

I mean seriously – could I love them any more?

Jackson loves loves loves shoes – especially my shoes with the heels – I’ve got to say though – the kids got great taste…

We went out the Red Star Stables today so the kids could see the animals – they LOVED seeing all the dogs, puppies, horses, bunnies, kitties, ducks, roosters – you name it… It was gorgeous out there.

This is about the time the sugar buzz from the 1/2 pan of brownies she ate kicked in and she got really silly…
We all do this thing where we kind of mock Jackson about how he says and signs “more”. It is so funny and the kids just think it is hilarious – this is Madison doing it…

Reading the funny card they got me…


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